The Shake Down

Shakes 02

Just before Uma Thurman and John Travolta danced the go-go Batusi in Pulp Fiction, they enjoyed a $5 shake. Well at Hubbox we are outdoing even Jack Rabbit Slims with a five quid shake for only £4.80!

Each one of our giant American-style shakes are made fresh with ice cream, malt, whole milk, double cream, topped with whippy cream, then served in a frost-cold stainless steel malt cup. Thirst-quenching. Moorish. Life-affirming. Can you drink three?

Chose from classic original flavours; chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or try a new, spine-tangling one of our own, Salted caramel. Can you drink four?

Then list towards the dance floor like a stricken oil tanker, dragging horizontal V-signs across your eyes. Chuck Berry might not be there to sing “C’est La Vie”, but you will have an enormous ice cream-based sense of wellbeing to compensate.

Shakes 01

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