Local Drinks


Local Drinks

We’re all about local. When it comes to our food, our condiments AND our local drinks. From the measure of gin in your dirty Hub cooler to the beer you drink alongside your burger.

As an American inspired burger joint, of course, our main focus is food. But what would a meal be without a bangin’ beverage to accompany it? We like to pick our local drink options with our menu in mind, knowing which flavours work together. We love to shout about burgers and beers (what a combo, are we right?!), so ensuring we stock the best of local beers is major for us.

Harbour Brewing Co. is a partnership that we’re especially proud of. From starting out in a similar way to Hub Box, we like to think we’ve grown together, supporting each other simultaneously. The Harbour team love to show off their Cornish roots almost as much as we do, and having a similar brand ethos made the partnership all the more natural! Being able to brew our own Harbour x Hub Box beers has been an awesome addition to our menu. Made from American hops and Cornish spring water, it’s the perfect accompaniment to an American inspired burger made exclusively from Cornish produce.

Harbour X Hub Box Tiny Rebel Pint Harbour

As much we love our ‘Cornish-ness’, we also pride ourselves on showcasing local drinks in each Hub location, take our Cardiff Bay Hub Box,  for an example. We stock Harbour as one of our main beer suppliers, alongside local brewery Tiny Rebel. Starting out small, growing enormously over the years and constantly experimenting with new flavours in their epic Welsh beers, from rhubarb and custard to honey glazed ham… yes, you read that right!

“It has become a great partnership for us and we’re super proud to be involved with one of the hottest venues in Cardiff right now. It has become a real destination place for Tiny Rebel staff. We’re looking forward to seeing what Hub Box has in store for us this year.” – Tiny Rebel, Newport

Burgers and beers truly are a magical combination and are essentially what the Hub Box brand was built on. This being said, there’s more to putting together one hell’uva drinks menu than beer alone, after all, who doesn’t love a cocktail jam-packed with your favourite spirits?! Gin being one of our personal favourites, more specifically, Tarquins Gin. Another Cornish brand making our local drinks all the more exciting! Taking gin back to basics and ensuring each of their small-batches receives the attention to detail that goes into distilling a truly awesome spirit. Locality is one of Tarquins’ main values, which made working with them a no-brainer.

Tarquins G+T Cocktails Tarquins Bottle

Next time you stop into your local Hub Box, why not ask a member of bar staff for their recommendations of local drinks to match your chosen burger? Our teams are experts in which tipples will go down a treat, whether you’re in the mood for a beer, G&T or a classic Hub cooler.

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