Cornish Local Produce

The story behind the menu

Cornish Local Produce

Here at Hub Box, if you didn’t already know, we’re proud to be Cornish. There’s nothing we love more than working directly with Cornish local produce suppliers on our Hub menus. When expanding from our shipping container in Truro, to opening multiple eateries across the South-West, continuing to work with our long-standing Cornish suppliers was something we needed to stick to. After all, these suppliers were there for us from the beginning!

The story behind the menu

From the beef in our burgers to the bun they’re wrapped in, the egg on your full English brekkie, the potatoes and the sea salt that make our Hub fries… it’s safe to say that Hub Box would be totally different without our Cornish local produce. We love being able to bring our Cornish roots to new parts of the UK as we grow, where else in Cardiff Bay would you find fresh, Cornish food?

Good relationships with our suppliers are something that we’re super proud of, growing alongside them and backing each other simultaneously. Take our Baker Tom Clotted Cream buns. From working with the team we were able to establish a relationship whereby our chefs could work directly with Baker Tom to create a bespoke Hub Box bun. Designed with our beef and veggie burgers in mind, what an outcome! From trialing these buns at the launch of our Cardiff Bay site and seeing the success, we knew we’d made one hell’uva bun. You’ll now find these at all Hub Box sites.

Clotted Cream Bun Baker Toms Colwith Farm Baker Tom Clotted Cream Bun

The same goes for St. Ewe’s Free Range Eggs, from working with these guys and seeing their hard work that goes into making a great egg, we now make sure all Hub Box mayonnaise is made exclusively from St. Ewe’s eggs!

As much as we like to shout about working with long-standing suppliers, we also thrive on finding new local suppliers to partner with! One of which being Padstow Kitchen Garden. Our Hub Box chefs cannot wait to start experimenting with the veg from Ross’ farm in Padstow! Working with small, like-minded, family-run businesses is something we’re strict on. These suppliers have the same values to us here at Hub Box, keeping things as ethical as possible whilst encouraging high-quality produce.

We do the work in sourcing the best of Cornish local produce, allowing you to enjoy your plate at Hub Box with a clear mind. From working with these suppliers, we know where everything has come from on a plate of Hub Box grub. Have you ever thought about the tale behind the Cornish sea salt you sprinkle onto your fries, how it was harvested on the shoreline of the Lizard Peninsula to create an epic flavour? Or how the potato that made the fries were grown on a family-run farm in Lanlivery? Why not ask a member of our team next time you pop into your local Hub Box… after all, everything has a backstory.

Padstow Cornish Kitchen Philip Warren Cornish Sea Salt

Every ingredient that goes into our Hub menu has a team of hard-working individuals striving for good food, which is where our incredible in-house chefs come into it, turning every piece of Cornish local produce into a Hub Box masterpiece.

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