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Baker Tom's

Baker Tom’s

Baker Tom’s began in Tom’s kitchen in the corner of the South West over 14 years ago.  Tom baked his first couple of loaves of fresh bread & biked them to his local farm shop. They sold out. Soon Tom was delivering freshly baked loaves every day and his bread became the talk of the town. Baker Tom’s was born!

Today they have five shops, two cafes, a mobile van, and an online shop. Their products are available wholesale throughout Cornwall & Devon.

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True to the day he started, Tom’s ethos remains the same; to bake delicious, wholesome bread, crafted by hand, that his customers (& ours) can enjoy every day.

A fun fact; we were Baker Tom’s first customers to receive the popular Cinnamon Knots.

Tom brought the art of baking back to Cornwall: using century-old methods & just the simplest, natural ingredients to enrich the flavour. Their Night Bakers knead, shape, prove & bake the bread in the early hours of the morning so their customers receive the freshest, tastiest loaves the next morning.

From organic sourdoughs and unique specialty bread to traditional tin loaves and rye and spelt flour varieties, Tom has created a delicious range of award-winning bread to suit everyone’s tastes.  Their scones, pastries, cakes & brioche rolls are now famous throughout the county, as are their mince pies and hot cross buns!

So, next time you are devouring a burger of ours or chowing down on Cinnamon Knot, you will know how much hard work has gone into making both… & enjoy it oh so much more (if that’s even possible!!)

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