There’s a new dog in town

Yes it is true, the HUBBOX has pulled the hot dog…. GASP! And replaced it with a new one… phew! A new smaller one… gasp! Well it’s thinner… gasp! But it’s longer… phew! And so we join the girth or length question. A question that has split the population since time began – is short and sharp better than long and drawn out?

At the HUBBOX we are constantly striving for perfection and while we loved our old dogs we have listened to, watched and struggled ourselves to eat a Big Dog without getting Ketchup all over our hands and chin. The trouble was in our search for the perfect snap and flavour the only dog that measured up, actually measured up too big, well too girthy – for some! But we soldiered on with it because in the quest for flavour practicality took second place.

The new dog in town is one sourced from a Charcuterie based in Gloucestershire. They are made from rare breed pork which is all sourced from Devon, Somerset and Wiltshire, next to Cornwall the best counties in the UK.

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