National Burger Day

27th Aug

National Burger Day

If it’s not already marked in your diary, it should be, but just in case – Thursday 27 August 2020 is the annual Mr Hyde National Burger Day. Is it just us, or does every day seem to be a National day for something?!

We know better than anyone that burgers are most definitely the source of true happiness… even more so when smothered in cheese, fresh crispy salad & our special Hub sauce.

Established by Mr Hyde, the best day of the year was invented to celebrate their favourite food and all the places they had sampled them – sounds like an epic day, right?!

To this day, there continues to be a debate over who invented this oh so popular meaty dish; from Hamburg, Germany to New Haven, Connecticut. Whatever the truth about the burger origin, we all know that it is THE BEST food in the world and of course, a dietary staple!

Be a burger buff & read some facts below:

  • During WW1, the US Government tried to rename hamburgers to ‘liberty sandwiches’
  • If we arrange all the hamburgers eaten by Americans in a year in a straight line, it would circle our planet 32 times or more!
  • 60% + of the sandwiches sold globally are actually burgers!

So, there is no other option than to spend Thursday 27 August eating some sort of burger! Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or a beef cake that needs all the meat, at Hub Box, we have something for everyone!!

Feast your eyes on our menus!!

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