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Tom Lowe - Big Wave Stoke

Tom Lowe – Big Wave Stoke

We managed to catch up with Tom Lowe recently and ask him a few questions… and watch his latest video short made for him by Micky Smith.

Your latest edit has been out for a few weeks now, we’ve watched it a few times now and just wanted to hear your thoughts on it?

So the edits all paddle in, which is all I’ve been focused on the past handful of years. The waves are from last few years of chasing waves all over the world. From Jaws to Mavericks, Nazare to Mullaghmore, Puerto Escondido to Todos Santos, most of the heaviest spots are in there.
Mickey Smith the editor and Musician behind the clip and I, actually wanted it to be 5mins long, because i had so many solid rides i wanted to use. We decided with Vans to go with this and do another edit with the remaining footage. Hoping to put that out this summer.

Whats the thinking behind the tune?

You’d have to ask Mickey, its a song he felt went with me and my surfing and I’m really happy with it, it’s by Gilded Lily one of hisĀ old bands from Manchester via Kernow.

Where have you been this winter and what are your plans until you come back to the UK.

This winter I’ve been on the go more than ever, every week there’s another swell to chase. I’m doing this interview in Ireland, where we just scored huge Mullaghmore and Alieens. Before this i was in California for a giant day at Mavericks, but Nazare is where I’ve been based this winter.
My focus has been to paddle there as much as possible, try to catch the biggest wave of my life. I nearly have a few times, but fell in dramatic fashion, which was caught on camera and it went pretty viral.
Plans for the next months are to chase swells here in Ireland as always, perhaps Jaws if a good one pops up. Being based in Nazare I’d say i won’t be waiting long till next storm anyway, and with a bit of luck catch that one.

You’ve mentioned it a couple of times, what’s the importance of paddling into waves these days?

Paddling in just feels better than towing personally, it’s a simple as that.

I feel more connected to the sea, I get more satisfaction if I manage to make just one wave each swell. When I used to tow on the huge days I’d get way more waves and photos but after a while the buzz was gone. We (Fergal, Mickey Smith and I) all got bored of it in the end. Was a fun era but its time for new challenges.

What are those guys up to these days?

Fergs now all about growing veg and helping Ireland become more aware of the importance of this. Organic life all the way.

Mickeys been on tour with Ben Howard on and off for the past few years, they are now recording a new album.

So what’s still driving you?

I am still following my own dream, which is to chase the worlds biggest waves, and one day paddle into a 20ft barrel at Mullaghmore.

Thanks Tom – See you back in St Ives soon.

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