Cooler than a Mocktail

HUBBOX Coolers

My milkshakes used to bring all the boys to the yard but now my cooler does…

After dry January, quite frankly we are bored of the term ‘mocktail’ flying around – we love them but we wanted to celebrate the art of making an alcohol free drink which will make you go WOWZERS!

HUBBOX Coolers02

Our coolers are freshly made to order using fresh fruit juices, sodas & syrups. You can choose from:

Hub Cooler*

Mint, cucumber, lemon & lime juice

Homemade Lemonade

Lemon juice, sugar syrup & soda

Raspberry Lemonade

Raspberries, lemon juice, sugar syrup & soda

Passion fruit Cooler

Passion fruit syrup, lemon juice, sugar syrup & soda

So if you are the designated driver, or just don’t fancy a hangover, we have a drink that you will love. It’s not a fake lager, it’s not fizzy grape juice it’s a cooler and cooler than cool’s cool cooler.

Hub Cooler


*Hub Cooler only available in Hub St Ives.

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