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And the winner is….

Yes yes… who is it, who is it? Wait a minute… back the truck up…! It’s not all about the winners you know, and in fact, before we get into that perhaps you should ask what it is the winner is winning?

So in all good traditions of stat loving start-ups, the fine young people at Deliveroo looked at their data while supping a mocha-latte-chino out of one hand and playing table tennis with the other – the stats are displayed on a large screen in the break out area (apparently) – and concluded that it would be a fine idea to see what the most popular take-outs are in the cities they service.

HUBBOX uses the Deliveroo service at both our Exeter and Plymouth locations… and incredibly although perhaps not quite so surprisingly, in both cases, HUBBOX featured in the top 10 most delivered meals. To be more specific the Big Kahuna featured in the top 10 most ordered take outs.

Now, the more astute of you might have noticed that we only mentioned HUBBOX came in the top 10… and for most of our competitors that would be enough of a story, but for us there is a little bit more… In Exeter HUBBOX placed 8th, with the Wagamama’s Chicken Katsu Curry scoring a deserving win… it is a very fine dish if you fancy a chicken curry – but in Plymouth, which also has a Wagamama’s, the Big Kahuna was the winner… a fact we are very very proud of.

So going back to the stat element – on paper, at least, one could argue that Plymouth has better taste than Exeter – who’d have thought that?

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