Yer 'tis Bristol

New HUBBOX Opens in Bristol

Yer ’tis Bristol

On an edible crusade that started in St Ives at the skinny end of Cornwall, the HUBBOX enlightenment of good food, good beer and good times has steadily worked it’s way up the peninsula. Further settlements have flourished in Truro, Pentewan Sands, Exeter and Plymouth. As the West Country is one of the seven wonders of the natural world, HUBBOX will be preaching its culinary creed of mouthwatering indulgence in the thriving northern outpost of Bristol from a most righteous location; 113 Whiteladies Road (opposite Clifton Down Shopping Centre). Prepare to drool and maybe go a little crazy deciding what to order; epic burgers, mind-bending sticky-icky bbq and tantalising side orders.

At HUBBOX, we are tremendously proud of our West Country heritage, only using locally sourced ingredients. In fact Bristol HUBBOX is the closest restaurant to our hot dog supplier, the Gloucestershire based curer & charcuterie, Native Breeds. Our hot dogs are made from free range animals only, reared outdoors, fully organic. Seasoned with natural herbs and spices, smoked in fruit woods, each dog has a light texture and the excellent ’snap’ to the casing. From July 2017, our Bristol buns are open.

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