Vegans like it dirty too!

Vegans like it dirty too!

PHEW, we made it to 2022! For many, the month of January is a time to reset and undo all the damage caused in debaucherous December. Some try Dry January, others set hundreds of impossible-to-keep resolutions, and others take on Veganuary (not to be confused with Januhairy…). 

If you’ve opted for a vegan diet this month, we’re here to help you smash your goal and possibly take it even further. If you are a devout meat-eater but fancy mixing it up to look after your body and the planet, stay tuned. And if you ‘liked it before it was cool’ and have been practicing a vegan lifestyle for years, then you probably already know about our epic selection of vegan burgers and sides. 

At Hub Box, we don’t half-bake our veggie options. You definitely won’t find any cardboard-esque spicy bean burgers at our joints. Nor will you have to go without any of the usual additions, like cheese, mayo or sexy buns. In fact you’ll probably be pleased to find out that we’ve veganified all of our most popular meat options.

If you used to enjoy eating meat but went plant-based for environmental, health or moral reasons, our vegan ch*cken and b**f options will blow your mind. 

For our ch*cken burgers, we’ve teamed up with THIS™. THIS™ is a pioneering vegan ‘meat’ producer, founded by ex-meat lovers Chris and Pete who were fed up with disappointing plant-based options in burger joints. 

Go on meat-eaters and meat-reducers, we dare you to try one of these bad boys: 

THIS™ Isn’t Buttermilk Chicken: THIS™ Isn’t chicken patty, garlic mayo, lettuce
● THIS™ Isn’t Kim Yum Chick: THIS™ Isn’t chicken patty, Korean BBQ sauce, chipotle mayo, lettuce
● THIS™ Isn’t Dirty Disco: THIS™ Isn’t chicken patty, THIS™ Isn’t bacon, smoked cheese, guacamole, hot sauce, mayo, pickled red onion, lettuce 

Vegan Burger Spread (1)

In the b**f corner, we have Beyond Meat – boasting all the same goodness from the real thing (including heaps of protein) with none of the nasties. Beyond Meat burgers are changing the game, and offering veggies and meat-lovers the juicy, meaty deliciousness of a conventional beef patty – stuffed with plant-based goodness. 

Why not give these b**fy numbers a butcher’s hook: 

Beyond All Star: Beyond Meat patty, smoked cheese, ketchup, mustard, onion, pickles, lettuce
● Beyond Hub: Beyond Meat patty, THIS™ Isn’t bacon, smoked cheese, Hub sauce, red onion, lettuce
● Beyond Chilli Cheese: Beyond Meat patty, bean chilli, smoked cheese, jalapeños, chipotle mayo, onion, lettuce 

Vegan Burger Spread

For some vegans, the thought of eating hyper-realistic meat-like burgers sounds like their own personal version of hell… We hear you. Allow us to show you our heavenly falafel-based Betsy Burger, with charred corn, guacamole, sweet chilli mayo, red onion and lettuce. Just make it clear that you want this with vegan mayo and you’re golden. 

“What about the buns?!” We hear you cry. Well, we’re glad you asked. Our vegan burger buns are made by renowned local bakery, Baker Tom’s. These fluffy clouds of bready goodness are super-soft and dairy-free. What more could you want? 

Our vegan sides are pretty sexy too. We’ve got Onion Rings, Carolina Slaw, Nachos, Skin-on Fries and Sweet Potato Fries (make em’ dirty with lashings of vegan Hub sauce, diced onions and jalapeños), and Vegan Chilli Fries. And don’t even get us started on our sauces… 

Gone are the days of one rubbish vegan option on the menu. Once you’ve tried one of our Hub Box vegan burgers, you’ll probably want to try them all. Just a word of warning: when vegan options are this good, you’ll have no excuse not to keep your Veganuary challenge going all year long. 

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