Top 10 Christmas Films

Back in the day not only was Christmas the best time for going out and meeting people – the girl from reception had skills with a photocopier during the Christmas party (skills that would provide the post-room boys and Verity from accounting something to think about well into the new year!!). It was also the best time of year for gathering a new crop of movies to add to your video collection.

Elf Blog

Mum and Dad would go out, buy a 5 pack of TDK 240min videos and the Christmas Radio Times then everyone would settle down for a hour or so checking what new films where being shown. You’d work out the playing time… adding 15 mins per hour for adverts, if it wasn’t on the BBC and work out what clashed, have the argument about which films should and which one’s shouldn’t be recorded – always keep an hour for the Queen’s speech for Granny because she’d be asleep 5mins after after lunch and miss it! Then set out the recording schedule and give it to Dad to implement.

Christmas films were always given a miss in our house… the reason being you only watch them at Christmas, so why waste a video tape recording something which will never get watched? We’d always record James Bond, Wizard of Oz and The Great Escape – good year round watching – There really is only one time of the year you can watch the Muppets Christmas Carol!

Home Alone Chritsmas Films

These days you can just dial up whatever movie you want whenever you want… so in honour of this God like wizardry we have whisked together a little collection of 10 of the best all time christmas movies, in no particular order, other than Elf is number one, of course! Enjoy

Elf – View Clip 1 View Clip 2

Home Alone – View Clip 1 View Clip 2

Grinch – View Clip 1 View Clip 2

National Lampoons Christmas Vaction – ‘Yule Crack Up’ – View Clip

The Muppets Christmas Carol – View Clip

Jingle All The Way – View Clip 1 View Clip 2

It’s a wonderful life – View Clip

Polar Express –View Clip

Scrooged – View Clip

Fred Claus – View Clip 1 View Clip 2

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