St Ewe Eggs

St Ewe Eggs

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

At St Ewe Free Range Eggs, the chicken always comes first, which is an ethos we love here at Hub Box! St. Ewe takes pride in ensuring that their hens rule the roost, having the freedom to freely roam around the farm. After all, happy hens make the best eggs & we only use the best of the best in our dishes.

A Love of Eggs. A Passion for Welfare. An Obsession for Good Food & Nutrition.

During Covid-19, the St. Ewe team took things a step further, announcing their ‘Shell out 2 help out’ campaign. Popping up in local communities around Cornwall, selling their free-range eggs at a discounted price. To top it off, with every tray sold, St. Ewe donated a carton of eggs to local food banks! Working together with local businesses, volunteers & sporting clubs across the region, they sold over 28,000 trays and to date have donated over 213,000 eggs.

Levels of food insecurity in the UK are among the highest in Europe; despite being the fifth richest country in the world millions are struggling every day to access food. Nearly 6 million adults and 1.7 million children were struggling to get enough food between September 2020 and February 2021. Therefore following on from the success of the SO2HO campaign St Ewe will be rolling out their ‘Baker’s Dozen’ concept, continuing to extend and expand their support of those struggling with food insecurity; for every dozen eggs sold to retail across their range, they will be donating the 13th egg to food banks as their ongoing commitment to help those who need it.

It’s times like these that prove the good-will of small businesses and their commitment to their communities. We’re proud to be working with St. Ewe as a long-standing supplier, so much so that all the eggs we use – from poached on top of smashed avo, to fried on our Full Cornish, are from St Ewe eggs. We are also thrilled to announce that all Hub Box mayonnaise is now made exclusively from St. Ewe’s eggs too!

So next time you are feasting on a HBX Muffin, or enjoying the mayo in your Big Kahuna, take some time out to appreciate the hard work that has gone into those absolutely delicious eggs – by the chickens themselves, to the St Ewe team.

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