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Philip Warren

Philip Warren


Our mantra is, if you’re going to eat meat, eat good meat.


Our butchers, rear their own cattle as well as sourcing from farms across Devon and Cornwall. They handpick the best. Grass-fed, well looked-after, weaned off their mothers. As a result, Philip Warren’s prime cuts can be found gracing the plates of 20 Michelin-starred restaurants across the country and counting.

To ask farmers to raise these low yield, top quality breeds, Philip Warren needs to commit to the whole cow. For every Michelin-worthy sirloin, they need to shift the less showy cuts too – cuts that won’t make the catwalk, but will still make a first-class burger..

Which is where we come in. When our butchers can bank on us to balance their beef demand, they can invest more in the farmers getting it right. They get the very best product to sell, farmers get the support they need, and we get burgers made from the finest, most ethical meat around.

Philip Warren Meat Hubbox
Philip Warren – Launceston

Ian Warren

“We’ve bounced off each other. As Hub Box has grown it’s allowed us to grow. We’ve gone up the ladder together – we’ve had that relationship from the very start. We’re all from Cornwall, we speak the same language and understand each other. It’s decent. Good fun as well.”

“Every time I see people expand they get the wrong people involved, that push for this margin, push for that margin and forget what’s put them where they are. But that hasn’t happened. That ethos has stayed the same.”

“Hub Box has come to us for a reason. They’re not cutting corners, they’re doing it right. And they’ve taken the time to make sure. And on that principle only, if they’re using the best beef they’re going to have the best burger, surely.”


Philip Warren from HUBBOX on Vimeo.


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