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Mathew Stevens - Mathew Stevens Fish St Ives
Matthew Stevens from Matthew Stevens Fish St Ives

Freshly caught cod and mackerel are provided by this sustainable, local supplier and family run business. Established in 1948, the Matthew Stevens family has lived in St Ives for over five generations with fishing at its heart. Mathew’s knowledge is invaluable in devising seasonal seafood dishes for our menu & can often be seen popping in to see our head chefs in St Ives for a yarn.

“Local means a lot to Hub Box. And the quality of the seafood we get in this part of the world is second to none.”

“I’ve known Richard for 20 years or more. Hub Box is very loyal, if there are little issues they won’t throw their dummy out of the pram, and go and get another supplier. They’ll speak to me about it. Relationships are paramount.”

Matthew Stevens
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