Everybody knows Christmas is a time for giving and it falls on December 25th – there are no surprises! So, why do we all leave Christmas shopping so last minute? and why is it so damn stressful?

In the immortal words of the Angel Gabriel, “fear not” for this year HUBBOX has a got you covered….

Now to the tune of ‘While Sheppard’s Watched’….

While shoppers stressed
buying socks and kites,
I did all mine online,
My shopping’s done, oh clever me,
It’s HUBBOX T’s all round,
It’s HUBBOX T’s all round.

Oh goodness me,
I have to be,
the happiest person right now.
I ordered my T’s before the 21st
And now they’re coming to me
And now they’re coming to me

Be the person who can sing this carol – get to the HUBBOX shop and order now… hurry we are selling out fast and don’t plan to restock until 2017.

Get your orders in by midnight December 20th to guarantee delivery before Christmas. All orders will be sent 1st class signed for.

And here’s a picture of our head Barista Marcus with a hat on… we couldn’t get him to actually wear it so using the magic of Photoshop we put it on him!

Marcus Tee Christmas Hat


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