Home Delivery

No we are not taking about the final stages of a birth-plan we are talking about getting your favourite food Deliveroo’d direct to your door!

Not so long ago if you wanted a take away there was three choices, Fish and Chips, Chinese or an Indian… and if you wanted your tea delivered, cooked and still warm there was only one option  – Pizza. These days you can get anything you want delivered. Amazon and Argos have been making a big noise about same-day deliveries using drones – the takeaway industry has got same hour deliveries nailed down and HUBBOX is teaming up with Deliveroo to bring the joys of HUBBOX into your home or office.

Currently only available in Exeter, Plymouth is coming to dinner at your place, later this month so keep an eye on the locations in the Deliveroo app for updates deliveroo.co.uk

We are offering our whole menu on Deliveroo and through the wonders of the internet you can pay and it will even tell you how long the order will take. Delivery will add an additional £2.50 to your order but in the grand scheme of things you couldn’t even drive your car to HUBBBOX for that!

See you at your place…


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