Giving a cluck

You may have heard that we really care about where our ingredients come from. Whether it’s our bouncy bespoke clotted cream buns from Baker Tom or our grass-fed moorland beef from Philip Warren – we wouldn’t be able to make the best burgers in the South West if we half-arsed it with the ingredients now, would we?

And when it comes to meat, we are extra picky. There’ll be no unhappy animals on our watch – that’s just not how we roll.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Castlemead Poultry for all of our delicious chicken burgers.

Based just outside the quaint little town of Radstock, Somerset, Castlemead Farm is a family affair – run by Stu, Stu’s wife Sofia, and Stu’s mum Helen.

From dawn ‘til dusk, Stu’s pampered poultry explore the lush grassy fields, dining on locally-grown milled cereals before retiring to their 5* sleeping quarters to avoid the pesky foxes.

They are provided with fresh bedding and have constant access to food (sounds pretty good to me). And unlike some farms, these feathered friends are allowed to grow at their own pace without any nasty chemicals or feeding techniques.

Castlemead Chickens

Castlemead chickens are probably the happiest chickens to roam the South West and we think that’s the reason their meat is so succulent and rich in flavour.

You can try them for yourself, safe in the knowledge that the chicken that went into your burger lived its best life.

On the menu, we have the classic BM Chicken – a buttermilk-fried Castlemead chicken breast, drizzled with tangy garlic mayo and topped with crunchy lettuce.

If you’re feeling frisky, check out our Dirty Disco burger, with (you guessed it!) a buttermilk-fried Castlemead chicken breast, crispy bacon, burger cheese, creamy guacamole, fiery hot sauce, mayo, pickled red onion, and lettuce.

And we are proud to announce the biggest comeback of 2022, our Katsu Chicken Burger – arriving soon to a Hub Box near you! You can expect a mouth-watering panko-breaded Castlemead chicken breast with our signature katsu curry sauce and Japanese-inspired trimmings. Watch this space!

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