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A Bloody Mary Without the Vodka is Bloody Shame:

We’ve come to realise that a Bloody Mary is a simple solution to many of life’s problems, so we thought we’d share 10 moments when we can all turn to the beautiful Mary for help. Well, 8 actually but we had wanted to do 10 so if you can think of any send them in –

1 When you’re hungover after a night out. A Bloody Mary has long been the cure those self-inflicted headaches.

2 When you’re not hungover after a night out. You deserve a drink to celebrate.

3 When you need your last veggie for your 5 a day. (It counts as 2 at a push, just add celery.)

4 When it’s Halloween but you’re unprepared. A Bloody Mary makes for great fake blood, and takes the edge off the screams of the children running up and down your street,

5 When you’re meeting that friend you hate for brunch. ‘Heavy on the vodka, please’

6 When you’re in the worst mood ever and feel like burning someone at the stake Queen Mary-style. Drinking a cocktail will bring all the fire and none of the homicide charges.

7 When you’ve got a hot date in a Spanish restaurant and need to train your pallet for some spicy food. Just add more and more Tabasco each time.

8 When you’re going through a bad break up and coffee just isn’t going to cut it. But vodka will; vodka always cuts it.

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