A Food Family

A Food Family

Cornwall’s where Hub Box kicked off and where we were first schooled in fresh-thinking and straight-talking. It’s where we got experimental with Baker Tom and learned that the best brioche buns are made with clotted cream. It’s where Philip Warren nurtures our beef. It’s where we found our way of life and way of working with a group of restaurants, growers, makers and bakers who talk to each other and have each others’ backs.

When our butchers can bank on us to balance their beef demand, they can invest more in the farmers getting it right. They get the very best product to sell, farmers get the support they need, and we get burgers made from the finest, most ethical meat around.


New places bring new adventures. Whether that’s teaming up with micro-breweries that know their home crowd, or sourcing veg from local farmers on the banks of the Avon. Of course, there’s always the odd curveball like ditching the homemade for Heinz (it’s the sauce in our heart so it’s the one on our tables) but that’s what makes Hub Box; Hub Box.

We mix it up and get the best of both worlds. Supporting local businesses wherever we go, while keeping our spirit and homegrown roots in the driving seat. And whatever happens, we’ll always tell you where things come from, and feel good about why. Which means you can feel good too.

Real Good Food Stories

Our upcoming Real Good Stories supplier series will celebrate those who provide us with the produce that makes Hub Box, Hub Box. Each supplier will be celebrated with a blog and a socials takeover, so you can find out just how epic they are! 

Check them out, here

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