10 things you didn’t know about HUBBOX

Interested in HUBBOX? Want to know where it came from and what makes it tick? Here are 10 things you didn’t know about HUBBOX including what happened to our infamous MEAT sign!

1. As some of you may remember Hubbox started in a humble shipping container back in 2012. The idea was to open a novel, one-off food offering, lasting 12 weeks over the festive period. It has now expanded into an appreciated, here-to-stay brand in the Southwest’s restaurant landscape.

2. The first container we used on Lemon Quay started life as a 40ft container which we had to cut down to a 30ft container. At 40ft and with the weight of our kitchen it was too heavy to go on the back of a High-Ab lorry. Seeing as the original plan was for it to be a pop-up, it needed to be mobile-ish… but not everything goes to plan – as it turns out, it is as hard to temporarily install a HUBBOX container as it is to set-up a permanent one!

3. The original HUBBOX was crowned with a 4ft tall MEAT sign made with lights… Cornwall Council, who sadly don’t share our passion for meat – insisted we take down. It now holds pride of place in our HQ.

4. The Porto-Bella and Betsy burgers are named after the owners two daughters – His son, however, is still waiting for a burger to been named after him… Sorry Charlie… that’s a line we just can’t cross!

5. Our, not just a pretty face, the head barista is also our Resident DJ in Hub St.Ives. Catch Marcus every Saturday evening 9pm – Late.

6. The Big Kahuna won the first-ever National Burger Awards in 2015 – it is always a winner in our eyes though.

7. The Big Kahuna was named from this scene in Pulp Fiction –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mnb_3ibUp38 – where it is the name of a fictional Hawaiian themed burger chain.

8. Our phrase ‘Dirty Fries’ is now trademarked because we loved it so much!

9.  You have relieved us of 15,468 pints of craft beer this year – that’s impressive!

10. All our produce is sourced from the South West there is 67.2 miles between Matthew Stevens, our fish supplier and Philip Warren, our meat supplier …

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