Mix Tape – The Cold Light of Day

It is customary this time of year for many of us to have a little sort out of our lives/junk… make some new resolutions and promise to be more organised – well DJ Brody might have the steely gaze of a confident and ordered man but he too sometimes feels the need for a little clean out. Read more

HUBBOX Xmas Mix 2

The HUBBOX Christmas Mix No2 is our second adventure into the merry world of Christmas Music. Good ol’ DJ Tom Sutcliffe has once again dusted off his DJ box and pushed play on the Christmas button! HOHOHO! Read more


Halloween is done and Guy Fawlkes is up in smoke and we are now in the difficult time between Christmas and the rest of the year… it’s coming and the shops are gearing up but we don’t want to go off too early Read more

Boon Town

Now we know that usually we give you an easy listening mix which will help you while a couple of hours away in the evening but this time we have gone rouge… this is a deep rinse, bass box, breakbox mess of a mix created by DJ Crawford. There is a story there but we can’t be bothered to tell it… we are off to eat dirty fries and drink beer. Read more


Hub St Ives’ summer resident DJ Tom Sutcliffe can now been seen in our newest HUBBOX in the center of Plymouth. He’s not quite joined the Navy he is studying illustration in the university. While dishing out the HUBBOX’s finest fare he found time to get a little bit Christmassy and deliver us this merry mix.

Read more

B Sides & Burn Ends – HUBMIX

Soul for your soul, a mix of winter classics… to while away the dark weeks before the light evenings kick in and Summer replaces Winter – We heart summer!
Selected by DJ Brody Read more