If it’s not already marked in your diary it should be, but just in case – Thursday 25 August 2016 is the fourth annual Mr Hyde National Burger Day. Everyday seems to be a National Day for something and three years ago Mr Hyde, a daily blogger based in London decided that we needed a National Burger Day. Since 2013 it has grown from a modest event in Central London to over 800 through-out the UK and this year HUBBOX is taking part… Read more

Plymouth Varsity

The biggest and best sporting tradition between the two Universities in Plymouth is Varsity. And this year the HUBBOX are very excited to be getting involved with this event as a headline sponsor. Read more


We would like to be able to take this opportunity to wish all our HUBBOX and Hub customers a Happy New Year. To celebrate we are holding a good old fashioned Hill Billy Hoedown at the Hub St Ives. Read more